Ford 6.0 Powerstroke No Start

6.0 DI Powerstroke

1.           Check Oil Filter on Top Of Engine

There is a spring that when the oil filter is removed drains the oil back into the system.

Make sure that spring is not broken, you can test by pushing it down and having somebody crank the engine to see if oil comes up.

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2.               Check the Oil Pump Regulator  

It will be a nut on the bottom of  the low pressure oil pump.

Pull the nut out and it should be follow by a spring.  If the the regulator is full of gunk clean it out this, is is not allowing for oil pressure to build up. Also change your oil this clogged regulator means poor maintenance.

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If you see oil building in the oil filter housing then you solved you low oil pressure problem. Now if it doesn't start after a few cranks your problem will probably be in the IPR, because of all that gunk that was in the regulator probably damaged the micro screen located inside the IPR.