1. Engine Crank No Start (Yes Step 2)

2. Check any bad fuses and bad fuses (Yes Step 3)

3. Check Fuel Bowl open it up and turn key to on does fuel pour out (Yes Step 6) (No Step 4)

4. Check Horizontal Fuel Condition Module (HFCM) under driver side rail. Turn the Water In Fuel Valve to release fuel. Did fuel come out (Yes Step 6) No (Step 5).

5. Check your fuel tank for a damage siphon line or your HFCM is faulty. Call Brady Diesel Services

6. Turn key on and off 7 times, please allow 20 seconds for key on. This will allow air to escape out of fuel system. Does it start ( No, Step 7) Yes (Step 9)

7. Check your oil on your dipstick if at normal range, open oil filter cap and have someone crank engine, Does oil fill up ( Yes Step 9 ) No Step 8)

8. Check your oil regulator, your low pressure oil pump is not building enough pressure to send to High pressure oil pump.

9. If engine starts we still would recommend a checkup by us to make sure the High Pressure Oil System is working as directed.

10. Call Brady Diesel Services for any questions regarding the 6.0


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