Compare us with the shop or other mechanics



$ 135 .00

per hour
  • Yeah it may be the dealer but how long will you wait?
  • Genuine Parts = More Money
  • Waiting List = No Money to Be Made
  • Deal with shop personnel.

Third - Party 


$ 85 .00

per hour
  • Wait around for the shop to open.
  • After market parts = Less Money.
  • Usually cheaper but have a lot of customers before you.
  • Usually no web site.

Brady Services

Mobile Mechanic

$ 50-900 .00

per job
  • All services listed on the website
  • Everybody gets approved to a credit account
  • You can pay full or pay in installments.
  • You pick the day, and the service to be perform.
  • You buy the parts, used or new you choose.'
  • * Performance Hourly or Priced Service