Shop Rates

Shop Prices (Hourly)

  • Diagnostics (Flat Rate)

  • Hourly Rate (Scheduled)

  • Electrical Diagnostics $120.00

  • Overnight Service

  • Emergency Repair (Same Day)

  • Emergency Repair is same day repair service including engine install, brakes, transmissions, clutch service, axle and or differentials, fuel system, and internal engine repair.

Mobile Services (Hourly)

  • Diagnostics $120.00

  • Hourly Rate

  • Mileage Rate $2.75

  • Service Call

  • All Rates are calculated by Mitchell 1 and or Chilton's a quote will be generated with electronic signature before work is done. Parts Pickup Service is same price as mileage rate, please have parts available or parts must be ready for pickup.